My Top 5 Lip Products|Collab with Liv



Today I am doing my first ever blog collab with the gorgeous Liv! Both of us will be uploading our top 5 lip products on our blogs. Here is her blog -> 

SAM_7535.JPG1. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream

This has become such a popular drugstore liquid lipstick! And I do totally recommend it, it’s really worth a try if you feel like all these super matte liquid lipsticks really have dried  out your lips. This product is so comfortable and lovely, even though it dries down matte. It smells like vanilla marshmallows and cupcakes, and is available in a lot of different colours. Mine is in the shade “Prague” and is a gorgeous cool toned, berry shade. I will definitely be trying out more shades ❤

2. Maybelline New York Babylips

I kind of have a love and hate feelings about this product. The bad SAM_7530thing about this is that it dries my lips out when I wear this several days in a row. But I love the colour pay off and the cute packaging. So far I haven’t tried any lip balm that has the same gorgeous look on my lips, I just love how easy and simple it is to just swipe on a gorgeous, red tint on my lips. I basically love the colour of this, if it only didn’t dry out my lips! Mine is in the shade “Cherry Me”, which is the only one I will really use.


3. The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie StickSAM_7547

I really think this one deserves more love! It’s an amazing matte lip crayon, that glides on so smooth and pigmented. The Beauty Crop’s products are cruelty-free and natural, and this product is pricier, but definitely worth it. I don’t know which shade this one is in, but it’s another cool toned, berry shade. I really would like to try out more products from them in the future<3


4. Viva La Diva Superlicious Lip Gloss

This is my favourite lip gloss! It’s not sticky and has a perfect amount of pigmentation. Mine is in the shade “Romance”, and it’s a gorgeous pink shade. This is the kind of pink I like, I don’t think bright lips look good on me. It’s cool toned, so it doesn’t make my teeth look white, however this lip gloss has a mint scent. It will tingle your lips in the beginning, but not that much so that it bothers me. This is a Swedish brand so it can be harder to get your hands on.


5. IsaDora Sculpting Lip LinerSAM_7552

This lip liner was released in a gorgeous collection (which I hope still is available to buy). It’s a perfect nude, dusty rose shade that goes great with the NYX soft matte lip cream, and the PBJ smoothie stick. It’s pigmented, creamy and really is waterproof. I find it quite hard to get off my lips, which means it’s long lasting. It’s also retractable so you don’t need to spend time on sharpening it.


So happy that we got the opportunity to do this collab Liv. It was really fun and I am excited to read your post too ❤ /Sprallice Xx


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