Beauty Storage Ideas | Collab with Kate


Today I am doing another collab! This is going to be a collab with the gorgeous Kate
Both of us will be showing you all some storage ideas on our blogs, I choose to do mainly beauty storage ideas. I am really excited to see Kate’s blog post and I hope you all enjoy mine 🙂


Storage for Makeup Brushes:
I store my makeup brushes in these Ikea flower pots, because I think that flower pots can be so cute and basic! They work really well to store makeup brushes in. I know that some of my storage ideas everyone has seen before, because  like all beauty youtubers and bloggers own them, but this is how I like to store my stuff.
(Also, this isn’t all of my makeup brushes, the rest of them were being cleaned and dried).



Storage for Makeup Brushes #2:
I personally use this one to store pencils in, but you could of course use this to store makeup brushes in too. All I did was to take the label off, rinse the can and tie a cute bow around it, with some tape in the back of it to make sure it stays in place.

I think it turned out really cute, it is basic with a cute detail and is a really easy DIY to make.





Storage for Nail Polishes:
So this is how I am storing some of my nail polishes at the moment. I want to paint the wooden holder thing white, put I haven’t got round to doing that yet. However, I like storing my nail polishes standing up like this. It just looks more organized, and doesn’t cause that annoying domino effect that you can get with nail polishes. This is a thing from a drawer I think, I am not completely sure.


Storage for Lip Products:
This is another one that you have probably seen before. It is a acrylic organizer, which you can find at a lot of different places. I like to store my lippies in here, but you could totally use this for storing other makeup stuff in too.

I think this is another great way of making things look more organized, and a cute way to display your makeup.



Storage for Makeup in Drawers:
I store some of my makeup in Glossybox lids, which work great in Alex drawers. You obviously don’t need to have glossybox lids, but I find these to be really cute and fit in really nicely.
You have probably seen people store makeup in the actual glossyboxes, but I had never seen anyone store stuff in the lids. It works well in the slimmer drawers, were the actual boxes won’t fit that well.


Make sure to check Kate’s blog post out too! Here is a link to her blog ->
I had a lot of fun writing and taking these pictures, so if you want to see more of these kinds of posts, make sure to like this so I know. Thanks for reading<3


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