Warm & Golden Eye Look |Group Collab

Today I am doing another collab! This one is with a few amazing girls, and we are all going to be doing a eye look of our own choice.
I choose to do a warm, golden eye look using only my Sleek palette for eyeshadow.
This is the first time I am doing a post like this on my blog, so I am not sure how it is going to turn out. But I can for sure to more of these if this is appreciated.
Make sure to check the other’s blog posts out and follow them<3

Batool’s blog: www.batoolandkounoz.wordpress.com
Selina’s blog: heyitselinax.wordpress.com/
Phoebe’s blog: phoebedenhamblogg.wordpress.com/
Flynn’s blog: parisaftermidnight31.blogspot.com/
Liv’s blog: liviscamerablog.wordpress.com/
Flawed Mermaid’s blog: flawedmermaid.wordpress.com/
Faith’s blog: redrosebeautyandlifestylexx.wordpress.com/

1. I started of by using my Elizabeth Mott “Thank Me Later” Eyeshadow Primer, and put that all over my lid. I really like this primer as it really makes a difference in how long my eyeshadow lasts.

2. Next I used my Sleek palette inย  “A New Day”. I started of by using the matte light shade in “Be Happy” (top right corner)ย  all over my lid to set the eye primer.
Next I used a mix two matte browns called “Daydreamer” (matte brown on the top row) and “Carpe Diem” (matte brown I have hit pan on) in my crease. After that I used a matte orangey brown “Let It Go” (orange matte on the top row) on a fluffier brush and not as precise in my crease area, as well as a little bit on the lower lash line.
Then I took the darkest matte chocolate brown “H-A-P-P-Y” ( bottom right corner) directly in the crease and blended it out.
3. Now for the glitter! I used the gold foiled eyeshadow in “Sun Is Shining” (top left corner) on my lid, and then I took a more white foiled eyeshadow in “Believer” (the whitest glitter colour on the bottom row) and put it in my inner corner and brow bone.

4. I used my Benefit “They’re Real!” Tinted Lash Primer on my eyelashes (I love this so much that some of the text has rubbed off). It’s just perfect for flawless, more natural lashes.

5. Then I used the Elizabeth Mott “Queen Of The Fill” Tinted Brow Gel in light-medium on my brows for a more natural look.


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