What’s On My Vanity 2017


For today’s post I thought I would show you what is on my vanity, and by that I mean the things I have on top of my IKEA Alex five drawers. I store all of my beauty items in Alex drawers, as a lot of other people do as well. I really like storing my stuff in it, as well as decorating on top of it.
Hope you enjoy reading this post, and if this post is appreciated I could definitely do more similar posts to this, maybe a makeup collection or something like that<3


So this is a full overview of what I have on top of my Alex drawers.
On the left I have my hairbrush, a hair tie, and a nail file. I like to have them there so that I can reach for them when ever I need them. Next to that I have my lip product holder, and in it I just have all of my lip products.
I then have my brushes, my makeup sponge and a few other items I like to display.
I also have a mirror, however I don’t really use it any more as I have got a new, better one with lights that I have where I actually get ready. In this post I won’t actually be showing where I get ready, but it is just next to my drawers.


I might do a separate post about my lip products, but for now I will just briefly browse through what I have in my lip product holder.
So I have some lip products by Maybelline, The Face Shop and Viva La Diva. Behind that I have Tanya Burr Cosmetics, IsaDora, NYX, The Beauty Crop, H&M and more.


As you saw before, next to my lip products I have my brushes and my sponge.
The blending sponge is from Nicka K, and it is called the professional airbrush FX sponge. To be honest I just don’t like it, it is so hard and doesn’t expand one bit when you wet it. I am on the hunt for a new blending sponge, so if you know about any good ones, then feel free to leave a comment and let me know!


I store all of my makeup brushes in IKEA Skurar pots. They come in black and white, and they are just perfect for storing your brushes in.
In the black pot I have my face brushes. I have a Luxie brush, one from a Swedish brand, and one that I don’t actually know where it is from. I really want to get some Real Techniques face brushes soon!
In the white pot I have my eye brushes, and a eyelash curler. The eyelash curler is from Hot Makeup, and for the brushes I have some Real Techniques brushes from the eye set. I have two H&M brushes, and one from a Swedish brand. I also have a random eyeshadow applicator from my Sleek palette.


I usually switch up the items I have on display after season, or if I get any new things I would like to have on my vanity. At the moment I have a hand cream from CCS, a The Body Shop early-harvest raspberry perfume, a Batiste dry shampoo in tropical, and a Victoria’s Secret fragrance mist in Pure Seduction.

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know about any good makeup sponges in the comments<3 /Alice Xx


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