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Hi everyone!

Today I am doing another tag post that is quite different to what I usually post. I got tagged by the lovely Its Simpy Me, Jasmine to do this post, make sure to go and follow her because her blog is amazing, and she posts so often. You go girl!
Anyway, this is going to be quite a hard post to do, as you really need to put some thought and effort in to the answers. I am by no means good at these kinds of posts, but I am going to try my best!

Asqa Says What created this tag, I think you should all go and check her blog out as well as her post about this tag. I think this is a really important tag, and I hope as many bloggers as possible will do this. It’s about loving yourself for who you are, and do spread positiveness to others. We are all in this together, and if somebody is having a bad day as we all do sometimes, we can spread positiveness and help each other.

The Rules Of This Tag:

* Copy/paste the image of the tag in your post.

*Make sure to share a little blurb about the creator of the tag.

*Give a shout out to the person who nominated you.

*Talk about what your strengths are, and what you love about yourself. These can range from anything positive about you, or your future aspirations and goals.

*Who/what are you inspired by, and how do you want to make a difference?

*What’s your advice to those that struggle to love themselves, and to those that doubt themselves?

*Lastly nominate as many bloggers as you would like (ranging from 1 to whichever amount you choose) and let them know that you nominated them.

My Strengths and Things I Love About Myself:
One thing I like about myself is that I am thoughtful, I feel like I am sometimes to thoughtful about others. I would find it so hard to say something nasty someone else, even someone who I know very well. Sometimes I feel like it only matters if somebody else is happy, because if they are happy, I am too.
Another strength is probably that I can be fun and also serious. Like if I am hanging out with one of my friends, we can have the best time together, and also be serious and talk on a more personal level. I always want  to make sure to be there for others, to help and support them through anything they might be going through.

Who/ What Are You Inspired By and How Do You Want To Make A Difference?:
I get inspired both by family and friends, and also others for example certain YouTubers.
My family and friends who are close to me can really inspire me, I think we kind of inspire each other. YouTubers and other people that I don’t personally know, also inspire me. Like Kathleen Lights, her job is all about beauty, filming and editing. That is one of my dreams, to be able to work with something I love, like beauty, media, pictures and videos.
Other bloggers also inspire me, to continue blogging even if it is hard sometimes.
I would love to make a difference by inspiring others to do what they love. It would absolutely make my day to know that I have inspired somebody for example to start a blog, or anything positive to be honest.

What ‘s Your Advice To Those That Struggle To Love Themselves, and To Those That Doubt Themselves?:
You are not alone. We all struggle to love ourselves sometimes, but it will get better. Do something that you love, hang out with others or have some time for yourself. Try to shake of the feeling that you are alone, because you are not. If you are feeling insecure about yourself, and feel like everyone is judging you, that’s probably not the case. They could feel just like you, they could be insecure and thinking that everyone is judging them. That’s why we need to notice that we aren’t alone<3

Bloggers That I Nominate To Do The Tag:

Freckled Fashionista

Flawed Mermaid

Autumn Girl


The Emma Edit

And anyone else who would like to do this tag! I know that I tag some of these bloggers quite a lot.. I am sorry ❤ Anyway, this is quite a hard tag to do so I don’t expect you guys to do it. Personally I found it quite hard anyway.

/Alice Xx


4 thoughts on “The Perfectly Imperfect Tag

  1. Oh yes, I definitely appreciate that I can be fun but also serious! There are some things you really cannot joke about and it’s good to have that skill. And so many bloggers inspire me as well! And of course friends and family. ❤ Love your advice and great post! 🎉

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