Sleek Eyeshadow Palette Review


Hi everyone!

For this weeks post I thought I would do another review! As some of my fellow beauty bloggers might know, Sleek Makeup is a more affordable cosmetic brand that has come to be quite popular, especially during this past year. I have owned this palette for a few months now, and I am so excited to share with you all my thoughts on it.
By the way, do you want more reviews? Or do you prefer hauls? Make sure to comment down below, I really appreciate getting comments from you all<3



This is the Sleek Makeup I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in a “A New Day”, and is one of many different ones that Sleek has launched. As you can see, mine is quite a neutral palette with matte browns, transition shades and some lighter colours. There is also some gorgeous foil type shadows that we will get into later. If this palette isn’t your thing, then there are other palettes with other kinds of colours with some added pop of colour. I have even seen a palette with loads of neon colours only. They have got everything, that’s what I am trying to say. I don’t know how those palettes are, but I know for sure that I love this palette.
I got mine from a H&M store, as they sell a lot of different makeup brands in the store I went to. It was about 100 kr/ 12$/ 10 £, which is quite a good price for what you get in my opinion.



So in this palette you get five matte eyeshadows, six foil type eyeshadow and one shimmer. There are a a lot of lighter shades in this palette, which I think is one reason why I love it so much. On a everyday basis I don’t use that many darker shades, so this palette is great for that, however I still do like the fact that there is some darker shades in here. It just makes the palette even more versatile.
You get a little double-sided eyeshadow applicator with the palette, but I just took it out as I never use those anyway.  We can also appreciate the fact that you get a nice big mirror, which is a huge plus. I am really impressed with the packaging, and the shade selection in this palette.


I know I am awful at swatching, but let’s look past that. These are the five matte shadows in the palette. I apologise that you can’t see the lighter shades, but there is a matte light shade in the middle.
The matte eyeshadows have a very smooth and buttery formula, the purple brown colour does have some fall out, but that is because it is the most soft and buttery one of them all. It is still pigmented so I don’t mind it really. For being a more affordable palette I think that the matte shadows are really nice, and they look very good on the eye. They also pair really well with the other shadows in the palette.

The shadows from left to right:

A really nice brown, grey colour that is cool toned. Great transition colour too.

*Let It Go
A warm toned light burnt orange shade. Works great as a soft crease colour.

*Be Happy
Light cream colour. A must have in a palette to set eyeshadow primer for example.

*Carpe Diem
A purple mauve shade, goes so well with the other shadows. Love this colour!

Dark chocolate brown. This is the darkest colour in the palette, great for the outer corners and with a lighter hand in the crease.


Can we just take a moment? Look at them!
When I got this palette I was very impressed with the foils. I call them that as in my eyes they basically are. Just look at the gold to the right! I only use my fingers to apply them as that is the easiest way in my opinion. Brushes just don’t pick up foils that well, and these are no exception. All of them except one glide one really smooth and pigmented.
Then the shimmer is the one that is the most to the left. I know you can’t really see it, but it looks better on the eye in my opinion. It feels very silky, and I have just recently started to use it.

The shadows from left to right:

*Feelin’ Good
An a ice white shimmer, great as an soft inner corner highlight.

White, reflective foil with undertones pink and bronze.

*Shine On
This is the foil that isn’t good. It is a gold, warm toned champagne shade, and it just isn’t really good. It is chunkier and less pigmented.

*Silver Lining
Cool toned silvery grey foil.

*Don’t Worry
Gold, bronze foil that has slight green undertones.

A rose gold shade. I love this one so much!

*Sun Is Shining
A gold, very reflective foil!

Over all I think this a great palette, especially for the price. There are a lot of different palettes, so you can probably find your favourite. This is actually one of my absolute favourite eyeshadow palettes, it’s just so handy and versatile. I hope you didn’t mind that this post is so long, let me know if you prefer them to be shorter or not!

As always, thank you so much for reading! By the way, can you count how many times I mentioned the word “Palette” in this post? Probably way too many haha! I counted to about twenty..

/Alice Xx



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