About Me



Hello there!

Going by my internet nickname Sprallice, I am a beauty blogger. Behind Sprallice stands myself, an half Swedish and half English teen named Alice. I am an absolute shopaholic, gymnast and sister. Anything related to beauty, fashion and baking catches my interest and after watching countless online videos about those topics I decided to start something of my own. On my blog you’ll see my makeup collection grow in a whole lot of hauls, read my opinions on popular makeup products and discover other beauty bloggers through collabs. With my passion (being anything beauty related) I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams. I have been playing around with editing programs and improving my blogging skills slowly but surely, and it’s getting clearer and clearer what I want to do in the future. Being in school and being a blogger at the same time may be very time consuming, but one day I hope to be able to do what I love doing, working as a beauty influencer on social platforms.

I hope to bring as much joy to the people reading my posts, as my followers give me by supporting me and my blog. It is a dream come true seeing people enjoy the posts that I love making, I couldn’t be more grateful for my wonderful followers!

I have no idea what’s next… but I’m excited x